The Fashion Rabbit


by Aly on Sunday, April 10, 2011

DVF striped resort top, HM striped henley, Urban Outfitters sheer maxi skirt, Nordstrom black tights, DVF Opal Wedges.

This shoot was sort of spontaneous.. I left work once I hit the break room and saw the amazing light!  I haven't posted pictures from the original shoot incorporating the ladder, but regardless I wanted to try it out again in an open environment.  Ian and I climbed the hill outside of his house to this small extension of a park that overlooks the city.  I liked how the park (on a hill) and the ladder worked together to build an environment that was unstable.

This weekend Ian and I rented a couple Fellini movies, which everyone should watch! Please don't dismiss the fact that these movies are old.. because they are simply stunning!  Try and check out La Dolce Vita from your local library!  The way that Fellini portrayed the women as  glamorous vixens really inspired me to strive to achieve this same power in my character.  Enjoy the photos!


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