The Fashion Rabbit

Shot in the Dark

by Aly on Friday, April 1, 2011

Dolce Vita cape, Vintage padded tee, Vintage silk maxi, Zodiac over knee boots.

This shoot fulfilled the requirement for a portrait assignment in my photo class.  I wanted high contrast, paired with a lack of emotion.  I like how the photos in black and white really captured the drama that I had hoped for.  The makeup and head piece are consistent with the previous shoots, but I this time I made the lines more crisp to add a little dimensionality to the face.  My friend Tiffany was a great model, she really captured the look that I was going for.  Now that I feel that I have a handle on the creature, or the model that I have created for the portrait, in future shoots I would like to see how the creature interacts with the environment.  



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