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Fresh Cuts

by Aly on Thursday, February 10, 2011

MAC Fluid Line in Rich Ground, Givenchy Colorblock blush, Elizabeth and James top.

This photo I recovered from a previous shoot, but it totally captures the way that I'm feeling this week.  I typically go in and out of being health conscious and this week I'm just feeling like I need more energy to get through the day.  I started making time to go to the gym and eat healthier.. (less coffee and croissants) adding more fresh fruits to my diet, and making time to take care of myself in general.  

I noticed an immediate overall better mood, and better skin! I can't thank my Chanel Hydramax Serum for that!  I hope that this post encourages my readers to take a moment for themselves and get back on track.  Also I titled this post Fresh Cuts because I just learned that it is a term used for new sale items (my favorite) at Anthro!  Have a great week and be inspired to take care of yourself!


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