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Start Living

by Aly on Monday, February 14, 2011

Anthropologie faux fur coat, Forever 21 button down, Citizen Ava denim, Free People covered wedge booties, RIP my favorite MJ sunglasses.  

I haven't posted in a while.. (an awful way to start a post i know) regardless, I wanted to use this post not only as an obvious transition between seasons, but also to give explanation to some major life changes that will come into play this summer and after I finish school.  In two months I will be having my final review, and although I have had many great reviews in the past, I am most apprehensive about this coming review.  I am both eager and nervous to talk about my work, because I see it as something that I am beginning to enjoy making and presenting for the first time in my art practice.  

I am eager to share with whoever actually reads this, my deep connection to fashion as art.  In my work I am interested in critiquing the ridiulousness of fashion in terms of display, and advertising.  My internship at Anthropologie is nearing an end, and perhaps a new season as well.  I am waiting to hear back from the hiring coordinator in New York about a potential summer position.  In the meantime, I feel that through my art I have only begun to explore my deep connection to display and develop a position that I want to express going forward professionally.  

My boyfriend who will be graduating this June, has been offered a position at a design firm in the city.  He has accomplished so much through persistence, passion and constant hard work, and I only hope that I can mirror his drive as I start my final year in school.  I have always dreamed about, and pictured a busy life in the city and I am eager to start living.  In the future, I hope to post more images of my work, including creative influences and bits and pieces of inspiration.  


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