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Speedy Recovery

by Aly on Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HM puff sleeve top, HM tiered skirt, Hue leggings, Steve Madden Maryn boots, Louis Vuitton Speedy 25, Nordstrom teal necklace, Vintage Marc by Marc Jacobs mens timepiece, Banana Republic mood ring, & MAC nails in Beyond envy.

The best way to recover an outfit from looking low is to mix in some high-end pieces. I'm always looking for clothes that look like one of a kind, but I just can't afford to be outfitted in head to toe designer wear everyday. By investing in timeless pieces that can translate into many looks, you can instantly make your look expensive. I often add a designer bag or timepiece to a simple outfit, while also styling the look so that it is fresh off of the runway. In this photo I tried out more wearable Guido Palau curls from Marc Jacobs. 



wow gorgeous

love your blog!
looks like a lot of work and time has been put into it; great!

by my.amalgam on 19.1.11. #

That skirt is really pretty! I like the colour!
Your hair looks beautiful by the way!

by Béracha on 22.1.11. #

really great blog! :)

by Camilla on 22.1.11. #

Cool pic, nice blog xoxo

by Cindy S. - FashionsBeauty on 23.1.11. #

Thanx for your lovely comment! Great style, love that pic! You are very pretty!!
Taste is not a question of money...i do it the same way as you do it. Mix H&M, peaces from the fleamarket with designers.

by Unknown on 24.1.11. #

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